New Clip Art Sample

So, I mentioned before that Erin and I were taking an iPad course. was AMAZING!  We are so excited to use them with our Firsties. We have a whole list of activities we want to try!  We are planning a fun welcome back to get our students excited for the new year using iMovie!  Stay tuned... we will share it when it is done.

In the meantime,  I have been having a great time with this Doodle Pad App  that I downloaded and have been making all kinds of clip art with it. I had been trying to draw with the touch pad on my laptop using my notebook software and it was just so frustrating! Using a stylus to draw has been great.  I am still trying to get the hang of it, but it is SO much fun! I have even figured out how to make png files so that there are no backgrounds on the clips! YEAH!  Those white boxes drive me CRAZY!
I have many projects in the works.  I have just one more story to add to my fairy tale clip art file and have been finishing up a back to school set as well.  You can find them in our TPT store soon! To show you what I am working on for phonics, I have a sample from the short vowel bundle that should be finished in time for back to school.  I hope you like and can use the clips.  I am working to keep improving. :)

Erin and I are heading to school next week to begin to get our rooms ready and look forward to showing you our classrooms and the way we handle organization and classroom management!  I just LOVE going in and getting the room all decorated and ready for my new class.  I love when I look around and see all the shiny new tools and bright colored bulletin boards. AHH, I can't wait!

We have linked our freebie up to Manic Mondays again! Don't forget to visit there and check out the other fabulous freebies!