Manic Monday Freebie!

Hello!  This is going to be a brief post. Erin and I are busy at an iPads in Education course this week so that we can use iPads in our classroom.  We are SO EXCITED and SO TIRED!  What a long day, but we are hoping to learn lots of good tips and tricks that we can share with you.  :D  Right now, we would like to share a freebie with you. We are once again linking up with Manic Mondays.  Please pick up our freebie below and hit the Manic Monday button to go and check out the wonderful activities other bloggers have posted.  If you do pick up our freebie, please take time to provide feedback and follow our blog. We would LOVE to know what you think. 

Have a great night!

Related Addition and Subtraction is a SMARTboard activity!
This is a PDF!


We would like to send a big THANK YOU to HOLLY over at Mrs. Ehle's kindergarten for nominating us for a Liebster Award!  This just made our day! There was lots of WooHooin' on the phone when we saw it. As new bloggers, it just makes our day when we see a new follower or receive words of encouragement from other bloggers and this award just feels like a hug from a friend.

Holly is just the cutest kindergarten teacher and her blog is fabulous so head over there and meet her!
After our phone celebration, we had to get down to business.  One of the requirements of receiving this  award is to tell you 11 things about ourselves.  So here it goes...

1.    We teach in a town voted  "America's Coolest Small Town" and have been grade level partners for 5 years.  we are also lucky to have two other amazing first grade teachers on our team!  :D

2.    We compulsively clean our classrooms when the kids leave so there is not clutter in the morning. We were both very excited to find that there was someone else that didn't think this was at all obsessive compulsive.

3.    We both enjoy watching corny movies like Goonies and Office Space and often quote them when we get tired and silly.

4.   We change our bulletin boards a lot.  Erin pretends to hate it, but I know she secretly loves it.  :D

5.   Erin is a planner  and I come up with my best ideas in the shower while I am getting ready for school.  (Erin is a good sport about it though and will roll with it when I show up in her room first thing in the morning with my latest idea.)

6.   We are both getting a masters in classroom technology and neither one of us has a Facebook account and we can barely work our iPhones!

7.   We are both Steelers fans as are our parents and siblings, but both of us married fans of other teams (Dolphins and Cowboys) and have not been disowned. :D

8.   We are both helping to write our district's new Language Arts Curriculum.  While taking part in this planning, Erin has taught me the joy of binder organization!  :D

9.   We LOVE picture books and both spend more money than we should on new books for our classrooms.  Two of our favorite authors are Chris Van Dusen and Robert Munsch

10.  We love our SMARTboards and spend lots of time coming up with lessons to use with them.

11.  We laugh more than most, but that is because we truly enjoy our jobs and the people we we work with.  (Not at all because we are off our nut!)  :D

...and that is a little bit about us!  We hope you will get to know us well as we continue our blog.

One of the other requirements of the award is that we nominate other new blogs (Under 200 followers) that we think you all should go a check out! 

Although these blogs have already received nominations, we would like to put them on our list because we think they are great and you should pay them a visit!


Short Vowel Fun

Well, we have been blogging and posting our TPT items for a month now and I feel like you don't know a thing about us.  Erin and I teach first grade together in the district where I live and graduated from.  Our town was actually voted "America's Coolest Small Town" and it is!  We feel very lucky to work with such a tight-knit community.  This year, we decided that we also wanted to be a part of the blogging community.  We feel as if we know so many of you from reading your blogs and feel so appreciative to have been able to use so many of your wonderful ideas.  We wanted to pay it forward and share what we have been working on.  I have to admit that most of the work this summer has been all Erin.  She is a little younger (okay, maybe more than a few years, but if you weren't looking at us you would swear we were the same age! HA!) anyway, she doesn't have children to chase yet, so while I am running after my children and trying to keep them busy and out of trouble, she has been making some AWESOME games for all of us to share.  I am enjoying opening all of them in my emails, but know that someday she will be chasing the kids and I am going to have a lot to live up to! 

Tonight, we are linking once again with Classroom Freebies.  Erin has made some great short vowel packets and has allowed me to share some freebie samples of her work.  Please show her some love by commenting and following us on Bloglovin.  We will be back to tell you more about ourselves later!