Plenty of Place Value!

      After what has seemed like nothing but snow days, we finally had a full day of school and a regular schedule.  It has been CRAZY 'round here.  Our kiddos don't know if they are coming or going.  "Will there be reading today?" or "Are we starting at writing time" and "Should I go to math or are we staying here."  We are soooo tired of snow and snowdays and delays!  AHHHHHHH!  At this rate we will be here until July! (We are already pretty close!)  Our one hundredth day won't be celebrated until February 19th... crazy 
      Anyway, as I said, we did have a full day today and we spent a good part of it on place value.  With so many interruptions to our schedule our kiddos are taking a little longer getting place value skills down so we have been supplementing instruction with lots of fun game and activities to keep them interested and learning.   Friday we both used Erin's Ally the Alligator Packet.  The classes loved alligator war!  Here are some pics of the fun!

 You can pick up this packet and our other place value activies by clicking any of the pics below.

You can find this freebie and many more at Classroom Freebies Manic Monday Linky!

 Hope you have a wonderful week!