Presidents, Shadows and a Freebie

Kindergarten talked a lot about being president today and decided that they would absolutely be up for the job!  The White House would be totally fun with a pool and bowling alley.  The president gets to eat whatever he wants and has a maid!  Making decisions for the country would be easy too.  The President just has to take care of the people and do his best. The President gets to be in charge of the whole United States and can make everyone be nice and friends.  Making sure that everyone has enough food seemed to be our biggest priority.  Wouldn't it be great if it was just that easy?

 Here are some presidential promises in their own words.  Thanks to a for the template.

Hope that the store is well stocked!

This is one way to make sure everyone is nice!

We spent the beginning of the month discussing the groundhog and shadows.  We used this easy light experiment to learn about the scientific method and to learn about how shadows are created.

Pick it up here!

The class was able to make hypotheses about what light would and would not pass through and then after drawing their conclusion could explain how a shadow was created when light went around an object.  And who doesn't love to use a flashlight?!

I was impressed by the time they took to explore each object so they could make an "educated guess".

Thanks for checking in! You can pick up this fun Valentine's Freebie here!

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