The End is in Sight!

Would you believe we still have 6 MORE DAYS TO GO AND we have to present an inservice the day after the students are finished?! Can we get a "Whoop Whoop!"
Actually, it is our inservice that has led us here.  We were creating so many things for our new LA Curriculum and thought we should share.

We are believers that first grade teachers need a lot of patience and a little bit of crazy!  We are no exception.  This year we decided to get another masters, you know, just for fun, in classroom technology.  The technology part has been great... the whole school thing... not so much!  We have learned everything from what not to say in an email to how to properly read legal documents.  It IS fascinating!  But, just like in undergrad, after the necessities, comes the fun. This summer we are going to take an iPad course and begin piloting their use with our first graders in the Fall.  We look forward to sharing that adventure with all of you.

For all of you that have started your summer (HA! We know you are all thinking about next year already!),  we hope you enjoy your time off with your families and have a great vacation.

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