Begin Again!

Hello Friends!

We are going to try this blogging thing again.  We both had some difficulties last year that kept us from our blog, but the start of a new school year has inspired us to give blogging another chance.  We are back to work and feeling inspired and excited to begin again in so many more ways than just our little blog and school.  We are hoping to share that excitement and our eagerness for new beginnings with you in future posts!

This year, we are beginning a new structure for our reading groups and are concentrating on making some great easy activities to practice skills that don't require a lot of prep time.  We don't know about you, but our school requires A LOT of testing and data during these first weeks of school so we have come up with these fun little activities to keep the kiddos busy and engaged while we do some individualized assessing.

The first are Erin's roll and color sight words.  Now, we don't know a first grader that doesn't love dice and if you are brave enough to hand them a set of markers, they are happy as clams. :)
You can click the pic to give it a try in your room.  We have linked this freebie up with Manic Mondays and encourage you to check out all the great activities there!
You can pick up our complete set of Roll and Color Sight Words here.
Hope you all have a great week!
Jo and Erin

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  1. love the roll and color. I will add it to my collection of word work. Great idea. Come check my page out - Hanging Around In Primary!\